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  • Outsourcing Questionnaire
What is the total number of employees (part-time included) in your organization?
What is the number of administration staff (including executives) in your organization?
Majority of workforce is regular employees or contract and part-time employees?
  Regular employees Contract and part-time employees
Similar ratio
Are you considering reducing administrative staff and/or their overtime?
  Yes No Other  
Are you considering reducing routine work (data entry, etc) related to accounting, payroll, or administration?
  Yes   No   Other
Are you satisfied with the current speed and contents of the current report making and data processing capabilities?
  Yes   No   Other  
Does the important role of administration in company operations leave you any reservations on outsourcing these duties?
  Yes   No Other
Are the administrative capabilities of your company kept suitably up to date in accordance with changes to the labor environment and regulations?
  Yes No Other
Is your company progressing towards a system of “performance related salary” and “merit based promotion?”
  Yes No Other
10 How many management meetings related to human resources and finance are scheduled per year?
  Two or less Four or less Five or more
11 Which outsourcing services are you interested in?
  Accounting   General affairs    Human resources
Other(   )
12 Please enter your contact details:
Full name:  
E-mail address:
  If for any question you have selected other, please complete in detail.

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